The Art and Practice of Systemic Leadership

Leadership today demands more of the leader than ever before. What the leader does or does not do is much more visible and subject to praise or blame. The repercusions of blind spots and old patterns show up with greater intensity and cost.

Systemic Leadership is not just being seen by others but having the courage to see yourself, your strengths and limitations, your gifts and growing edges. Leadership coach, Jenn Lederer, stated that "conscious leadership requires you to identify, plan for, and move through the patterns that come up every time you're about to step out of your comfort zone." The systemic leader is willing to "be the change" he or she wants to see in others. A deep level of self knowledge is necessary before you can draw upon your best self to inspire others to be their best selves.
By understanding your own family system systemically you can better understand, work with and change your organizational system.

Whether you lead yourself or you lead others the leadership path asks you up to wake up and make more use of your vast potential. So much of that potential lies dormant beneath the surface of awareness waiting for you to fearlessly look and feel into and embrace what is there.

Come be a part of a dynamic and transformative two-day workshop. Harrison Snow has spent many years developing leaders and building their teams through training, coaching and consulting. You will experience his unique approach, the systemic use of self, to develop your own inner leader. You will learn serveral models that cover the systemic dynamics of leadership and how to apply them in an organizational setting.

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