Individual Constellations

Susan has had a hands-on-healing practice in Bethesda, MD since 1985.  She incorporates the principles of Family Constellations into her energy work with individuals, viewing each individual as a member of their larger family energy field or family soul.

When specifically focusing on the family energy field, Susan utilizes the Playmobil figures (as developed by Sieglinde Schneider) as representatives for the significant family members.  Through the intention of the client to work on a specific issue, be it physical, emotional or spiritual, the family energy field becomes present in the room just as in group work.  The issue often appears as a symptom of the hidden dynamics within the family system.

Through specific movements and statements by the different family members (as represented by the figures) entanglements or energy blockages are exposed so they can be addressed.  The unresolved issues or energy blockages between family members may be released, allowing the energy to flow freely within the family system. Once the natural flow of energy has been restored the family system can come into balance. In many situations every member in the family is affected even though they were not present for the individual session.

Individual sessions are available to anyone who prefers not to work in a group and/or desires the privacy of an individual setting.  They are also useful as a first step in preparing for a Family Constellation in a group setting or as a follow-up to a Family Constellation done in a group.

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