Introduction to Constellations

Family Constellations is a method that allows what is hidden to come to light.  The person seeking answers or solutions to their problem/issue chooses representatives for his/her family members from those present in the group. Then he/she "sets them up" in relationship to one another in the center of the working space or circle.  From this first glimpse into the family system, we can often see a disconnection between the family members that need to be reconnected. 

At any point in a family system a disconnection or separation creates an energy blockage that does not allow the energy to flow freely from one generation to the next.  The family constellation not only allows the disconnection to become visible, but also it is a vehicle through which the reconnection of the family members can take place.  Specific words or phases and certain movements allow the energy to flow.  When it does so, everyone in the room can experience the release of the tension that became apparent in the family constellation.